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5 Fun Ways to Jazz Up Your Tea
August 22, 2019

5 Fun Ways to Jazz Up Your Tea

While we often get lost in the subtle flavours of a good tea, there are times when we’re craving something a little more fun. The easiest way to create a fun and delicious drink with tea is to add a surprise ingredient. In this post, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite ingredients we like to use for a fancier cup of tea. 


Tea With A Sweet Japanese Twist

Sugar, step aside. Arare Konpeito, a traditional Niigata snack, is our preferred way to sweeten our tea. Consisting of a small, ball-shaped rice cracker (arare) coated with sugar candy (konpeito). When the konpeito has dissolved, the arare will float to the surface, looking a little like stars and giving you something to munch on while drinking your tea. 


Arare Konpeito | $8 for 1 box

Seigaen’s Arare Konpeito comes in three flavours and is perfect for sweetening your tea while adding a little extra flavour. Get them today on or at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic!


Raw Trigona Honey

If you prefer something a little sweeter, why not try trigona honey? Made from honey by tiny stingless bees, this rare honey is produced only in limited quantities. It also contains propolis, which has some natural antibiotic effects. 


Raw Trigona Honey | $36.90 for 120g bottle

You can buy raw trigona honey from GTCL on teapasar, a local brand focusing on educating consumers about healthy food available in Singapore. 


Fruit Infused Tea


You’ve heard of fruit-infused water, but what about fruit-infused teas? Yes, the fruit teas you buy at bubble tea stores can be easily (and cheaply) made at home. All you need are easily available fruits such as lemon, strawberries, oranges, etc. To make, add cut fruits to pre-brewed tea. Set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to drink. 

If you’re looking for a party drink, we’ve got a recipe for a raspberry black tea that’s delicious and perfect for the hot weather. Click here to read more.


Homemade Sparkling Iced Tea

If you’d like the fizz of a soft drink but the health benefits of tea, consider adding soda water to your tea to give it a little pop! You’ll need to add this in just before drinking so that the bubbles don’t dissolve, so be sure to make your tea a little stronger than usual so that you can add soda water to it without losing the taste of the tea. 

#teapasartip: Add fruits for a fruity, sparkling tea! We love our sparkling lychee oolong, which you could make at home (recipe here: or if you don’t want to do through the hassle of making it on your own, head down to Naiise Iconic at Jewel Changi Airport and order a fresh cup! Trust us, you won’t regret the trip down. 


A Classic Pairing – Milk & Tea


Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

Perhaps the most classic pairing, milk is commonly added to tea to help smoothen out its rough edges and add a hint of natural sweetness. However, milk can also cover some of the more subtle flavours of tea and as such, should only be added to teas with bolder flavours. Apart from the classic pairing of black tea with milk, we also like adding milk to dark tea! It may sound strange, but we’re sure that once you try our Aged Pu’er Chocolate Latte, also available at Naiise Iconic, you’ll fall in love with this pairing too!

And these are our top five ways to add a twist to the way you serve tea. So next time you have a party or need a fun drink to serve, reach for the tea. It’s so much more versatile than you might imagine!