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Brand Spotlight: Fizzicle
October 29, 2018

Brand Spotlight: Fizzicle

If you were at Singapore Tea Festival, you’ve probably seen Fizzicle and their kombucha teas. In fact, Fizzicle sold over 300 bottles of kombucha over 3 days! And little wonder – their kombuchas are the right amount of fizzy, sweet and tartness, and fermented with organic whole tea leaves. We had a chat with Melissa, founder of Fizzicle and SG Fermentation Friends, to get to know more about their tea and brand.

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Melissa Mak, founder of Fizzicle (source)

What is kombucha in just 5 words?

Melissa: A fizzy, fermented tea soda!

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Tea soda sounds so good. Is that what makes it so unique compared to more conventional teas?

Yes, the tea is sweetened with sugar or honey, and fermented with symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (or SCOBY), to become kombucha goodness!

Do you work on Fizzicle full-time, and if not, what else is it you do?

I work on Fizzicle as a side hustle. My main job is in the wellness training industry.

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Can you tell us what started your journey with kombucha, and what encouraged you to launch Fizzicle?

I had irritable bowel syndrome following a holiday, caused by a parasite. Even after taking the right medications to eliminate the parasite, I had a wrecked gut system. I found out about kefir from an acquaintance and was guided to making my own probiotics at home. it was fantastic and I launched SG Fermentation Friends on Facebook to help others learn how to make their own at home too. It was a later evolution that we decided to start Fizzicle so that more people can enjoy a healthy beverage!

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That’s amazing! What has been the highest point for your business thus far?

It has to be the Singapore Tea Festival. It was such an honour to be the only kombucha producer welcomed into the festival and our team did remarkably well.

And what has been the biggest hurdle you’ve faced?

My parents were my greatest barriers. My father isn’t a proponent for kombucha, though my grandma had been a kombucha maker, and my ancestors were ancient palace fermenters. My mother changed her mind when she realised that I’m talented and the way that I’ve made things are far better than what our relatives had before. She’s becoming more supportive.

That’s so interesting! Tell us more about your ancestors. I’ve never heard of ancient palace fermenters!

I was interested in finding out more about my family history, and after some digging, I discovered that as my family’s ancient surname is Qu 麴, which means fermentation starter. It was changed to Mai 麦 (pronounced as ‘my’), due to it being bestowed upon us by an emperor of the Sui Dynasty.

Looks like this is in your blood! What is your favourite kombucha and why?

Number 1 is my personal favourite. It was amongst the first kombucha flavours that we created for the brand. From the very first time that I tasted Number 1, I was certain that it was not just the best ‘booch product I’ve had, it’s also an easy starter for anyone who is new to kombucha.

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Last question – what advice would you give to people who are starting on their kombucha journey?

Don’t be afraid to make your own stuff at home. Just keep an eye out for mould. If something doesn’t taste or smell right, toss it out. Start over! Keep calm and kombucha on!

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Pink Guava, $8

Fizzicle’s Pink Guava. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, try this Pink Guava kombucha, made with green tea, wildflower honey, pink guava and rosella. This kombucha has a lovely tart taste and is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants.

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