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Brand Spotlight: The Tea Crafters
February 25, 2019

Brand Spotlight: The Tea Crafters

Many of us are fond of blended teas. But how many of us would take that love of crafted teas and turn it into our own business? That’s why Seth, the co-founder of The Tea Crafters did. The teapasar team caught up with Seth to find out more about his passion for making tea blends and how starting a business has changed his life.

We hear that you’ve always been a tea-drinker. Is this passion for tea what led you to the tea industry?

I’ve always liked tea from a young age, since I don’t drink coffee. Because I’ve always been interested in drinking and exploring different kind of tea flavours, I thought it would be interesting to make own tea blends. I started The Tea Crafters because I felt that there was a market for people to create their own tea blends.


How does The Tea Crafters allow people to create their own blends?

There are two primary platforms we use to help people create their own blends. The first is via workshops, which are very hands-on and allow people to create their own blends on the spot. The second is through our website – we help cafes and other businesses create blends for specific reasons, such as to pair with a particular food.

How has your life changed since starting The Tea Crafters?

Starting The Tea Crafters has taught me how to take a broad view of how to run a business. This is the first business that I see potential to develop. Other than that, the biggest change to my day-to-day life is that my working hours have lengthened drastically and I spend a lot of time thinking of nothing but how to improve the business.

How about your tea drinking habits? Has there been any changes to them?

I still enjoy tea drinking and I feel that the enjoyment is enhanced with greater understanding. There is still so much to learn about tea and because of that, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of drinking tea.

Can you tell me about The Tea Crafter’s ethos and values?

The Tea Crafters is all about allowing people to explore, create, and learn new blends for themselves, for any kind of purpose.


What are the inspirations behind your blends?

For each blend, the team will sit down and discuss who and what they’re creating the blend for. We’ll determine if we have any person, personality, or event in mind and work from there. For example, when coming up with a Chinese New Year blend, we wanted to make something that is appealing both to locals and foreigners.

What is your most romantic blend?

We’re creating a blend called Rose Lychee, which will be a black tea flavoured with rose petals and lychee. Lychee is a local favourite, and we have blended it with rose – a quintessentially ‘romantic’ ingredient.


Since we’ve been talking about tea blending, what tips do you have for people who are interested in making their own blends?

This is a tip that I give everyone: Everyone has different tastebuds, so when creating own blend, always think of the personality of the person that you’re making the tea for. Start with what the person likes and then work from there.

If there’s one tea you could introduce to everyone in the world, what would it be?

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Midnight Blues ($18.90 for 20 sachets, or $25.90 for 80g loose tea)

It would be Midnight Blues, which is unique because it has a green tea base, but is blue in colour. Green tea is our most popular tea base because it is easy to drink but not very high in caffeine. There’s a fruity blueberry flavour and is very easy to drink. You can drink it hot or cold and if you drink it cold, you can add a squeeze of lemon for it to change colour.


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Rose Lychee ($18.90 for 20 sachets, or $25.90 for 80g loose tea)

We fell in love with their Rose Lychee – a black tea infused with Lychee, rose petals and a sprinkle of rose water. Compared to stronger black teas, this one is lighter and has a sweet floral scent and taste. We recommend this to tea lovers looking for something subtle, yet aromatic and a light treat for your palate!

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