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Tea Roasting 101

What do Dong Ding Oolong and Houjicha have in common? If you’ve guessed “roasted”, you’re right! But what does roasting have to do with tea anyway? In this post, we’ll be exploring the reasons why you might want to roast tea and how you can do it. First, what does ...

Part 2: Brands at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic

Last week, we shard the first half of all your favourite tea brands that are available at our brand new tea bar @ Naiise Iconic Singapore, located at Jewel Changi Airport. Don't fret if you didn't find your all time favourite in Part 1, it just might be in Part ...

Part 1: Brands at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic

Tea lovers, rejoice! teapasar has opened a new tea store at Naiise Iconic in the hottest place in town - Jewel, Changi. With this bigger space, we’ll be bringing you more tea from various tea brands from all around the world. If you’re planning a visit to our tea bar ...