Huangshan Yunwu 黄山云雾

Huangshan Yunwu 黄山云雾

道人行 Daorenhang

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Translated into English as "Huangshan Cloud and Mist tea", Huangshan Yunwu is a green tea with straight, flat leaves. The colour of the leaves are even. When brewed, it produces a clear green tea liquor that has a lingering sweetness. 

About Taiping Houkui and Daorenhang

Taiping Houkui is one of the ten famous teas of China, known for its long, thin leaves and has a fresh, sweet taste. Despite its fame, Taiping Houkui is hard to find and the quality can be uneven. Daorenhang aims to change that by respecting the local environment and practicing organic farming to produce the healthiest and tastiest tea possible. These teas are 100% picked and hand-produced by Taiping farmers.

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