Number 1 (NomadX)

Number 1 (NomadX)


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We named this Number 1, because even with every other product that we have produced - the taste from Number 1 is unparalleled. Blended with well over 10 ingredients, this is THE easy drinking product for kombucha newbies. This is the comfort drink that our founder Melissa likes to take as a night cap. The perfect foil to caloried desserts, Number 1 reminds you of that awesome breezy summer night.

Tasting notes: Peach, mango, strawberry, apple, raspberry, apricots, and plums

When to drink it: Morning and afternoon tea; and evenings. Days you don't want dessert but sweet drinks. 

Pairing: Cheeses and fruits. 


Filtered water, live kombucha cultures, wildflower honey, blended green and black tea with real fruit bits.