Pinetree Pantry

A time of the day; Between the hours of work & play;
A whiff of its heady bliss;
Keeping all of the world at bay.

Across our travels around Asia, one thing that stood out as being firmly and uniquely our own is the consumption of tea as a social activity which is enjoyed regardless of social status or wealth. Whether it was single origin black tea from the hill plantations of Sri Lanka, the tea capital of the near East; or the crisp iced green tea on a footstool off a street-side vendor in Saigon – we can agree that tea is a fundamental part of our identity.But yet, it is not – too often here we find ourselves drinking coffee, coke or whatever spirit that is in trend. The closest that a lot of people will come to drinking tea is the canned stuff. Nothing wrong per se, but also antithetical to what tea stands for.We love coffee ourselves, and cannot start the day without a big ole cup of joe, but for lazy Saturday’s at 11 AM, late afternoon chit chats and cuddles on the couch, those moments call for tea.We hope to be able to bring quality, curated products – starting with tea, that make those moments, which are best spent with those we love and cherish, extra special and uniquely us.
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