World Traveller Ceramics

A unique series of porcelain tableware, beautifully detailed with fun local images of several countries.

 The World Traveler offers a unique series of high-quality porcelain tableware, imprinted with beautifully detailed and fun local images that represent typical cultural facts from each country.

The World Traveler porcelains capture those things that make
the hearts of the local people beat faster: the food they love to eat, the way they like to dress and their favourite fun and daily activities: in Japan women like to dress up as little school girls in the weekend, in London people go crazy at the yearly Ascott races and in Holland mothers bring their kids to school in a cargo bike. This is what life in these countries is really about.
Locals of each country have given input about their lives and The World Traveler has combined it all in beautifully crafted pieces of tableware.

Each porcelain object comes with a little booklet explaining the cultural background of the images, and each object is wrapped in a beautifully designed carton box that looks like a suitcase. Of course these can be safely stored in your luggage.

Our porcelains are durable, machine washable and microwave safe.
Collect the items of the countries you have visited and create your personal porcelain travel log. They all have the same fresh white background and can be easily combined.

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