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How To Make The Perfect Coffee At Home
July 9, 2021

How To Make The Perfect Coffee At Home

Nothing gives us the (non-alcoholic) liquid courage to confront the daily drudgery like coffee. But when our brew doesn’t come right – that weak body, underscored by a note a little too astringent or bitter – can antagonise us like an assignment gone awry.

Rather than deliberating over lackluster coffees or expensive delivery fees during the WFH period, our resident coffee cognoscenti at team teapasar decided to take matters into her own hands and learned how to make the perfect cup at home. Besides, who knows your preferences better than yourself?

Here is a definitive guide we have put together. You can add ‘professional barista’ to your resume after you follow these steps and get them down pat:


Be well equipped

Before we get into action, we need the appropriate ware – so that good beans don’t go down the drain. You will need these:

• Grinder – The general rule of thumb is to grind your own coffee beans because whole beans preserve their flavour – and that is what makes the prestige of freshly grounded coffee so delectable. With better grinders, you can have more control over the size of grounds for all types of coffee. We would invest in a grinder with a ceramic burr, which has longer longevity than a steel one.

• Weighing scale – This is part of the formula to having consistent good coffee to a science: getting the amount right between the varying densities of coffee beans and water. We recommend a ratio of 60 grams of coffee per liter of water to start with, then adjusting the proportion to your preference.

• Filter papers – In this instance, size and shape do matter, depending on the brewing method and device you choose. Remember to rinse your paper carefully with boiling water to preclude its taste from diluting your coffee.

• Water – Make sure your water is off the boil, at a sweet spot between 90 to 95 degrees Celcius. For the Chemex and V60 methods, pour a fifth onto your coffee grounds in the filter to let it percolate through. Wait for the water to settle in for 30 seconds and then pour in the rest to steep for another 3 minutes.


What’s your cup of coffee?


Different coffees require a method peculiar to the desired tasting experience. Are you having your brew on the fly between Zoom meetings or do you like to sit down and savor slowly?

We have reduced to 5 main brewing methods:

Cafetiere – This is for the less discriminating who prefers low maintenance and quick fixes. You can do your coffee without the filters using the ‘french press’.

Chemex – If your tastebuds are more acute, you can enjoy the nuanced flavors of your coffee through this method. It is suitable for families who share an affinity for their brews.

V60 – Consider this the cousin of Chemex. Coffee connoisseurs who like to steep in solitude and appreciate their discerning taste in coffee at their own pace will take pleasure in this method.

Aeropress – Choose this if you need a full-bodied caffeine fillip to kick you into overdrive mode. This method makes for the intense ones who do not flinch on extra black coffees.

Moka pot – For those who like to decide their coffee of the day on a whim, the Moka Pot allows you the versatility to enjoy the rich, full-bodied brew with other supplements like hot water for an Americano or steamed milk for a Cappuccino.


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