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Introduction to Brands at Singapore Tea Festival (Part I)
September 11, 2018

Introduction to Brands at Singapore Tea Festival (Part I)

The inaugural Singapore Tea Festival (STF) last year featured eight fantastic local tea brands. This year, the STF by teapasar has four themes featuring 28 brands from Singapore and beyond. Modern Blends by our very own local tea makers, Classic Blends showcasing single-origin and unblended teas, Lifestyle brands, and flavours from Beyond our Shores. And with all good things, we’d like to share them with you so that you can get to know them before STF.

STF Map.png

To start this series, we’d like to introduce the brands in our Modern Blends category to you. Modern Blends features brands who are exploring the boundaries of teas with new flavours and blends. If you’re looking for a new tea to spice up your collection, this is the place to be:

Booth 1: The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

A1sArtboard 1

One of Singapore’s heritage tea brands, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. is one of Singapore’s oldest producer, blender and retailer of tea. Their teas draw on both the heritage of the company and Singapore, while injecting contemporary flavours. Whether you’re looking for a timeless classic or something new to drink, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. has something for you. Look out for their award-winning Timeless Earl Grey and Refreshing Tea Break blends at STF.

Booth 2: Antea Social

A1sArtboard 1.png

This local brand wants their teas to help you connect – with tea makers, your loved ones, and yourself. Sourced directly from the tea makers where possible, Antea Social’s line of teas will help you find some rest and respite in the middle of a hectic day. Catch some tranquility with their range of Oolong teas at their booth.

Booth 3: The Tea Depot

Well Balanced (1).jpg

If you’re looking for a new blended tea, be sure to check out The Tea Depot. With an aim to make tea the beverage of choice around the globe, they’re bringing a fresh take on traditional flavours to the festival. Their teas are blended to find that sweet spot between traditional comfort and cutting-edge excitement. Check out one of their signature teas, Feel Well Balanced, which is a harmonious blend of ginseng, rooibos, and chamomile.

Booth 4: Sucre

tea box and cover 2

Founded in 2013, Sucre is a proud homegrown brand that specialises in tea gifts, local artisanal foods, and other fine products. Some of their best-sellers include the fairytale-like Enchanted Garden and Tinkerbell’s Kiss, teas that are sure to appeal to the young and old alike. Durian lovers should check out their latest blend – Yum Cha, part of the Discovery Sampler Set, that has a robust top note of Durian, gentling segueing into a soft Oolong Chrysanthemum.

Booth 5: Kindred Teas

kindred banner.png

This travel-inspired tea brand wants to bring quality teas from around the world to you. With a focus on the friends you meet throughout your travels, their teas are crafted to help you enjoy a quiet moment with a friend or reminisce some of your special moments. Visit their booth with a friend and look out for their beautiful blooming teas!

Booth 6: Hush Teabar

Delectably Robust 2.jpg

Hush Teabar is more than just a tea brand; it’s a social movement that aims to bring the worlds of the hearing and deaf together. Their TeaMoods, served by their deaf TeaRistas are more than just drinks – they’re stories of you and me. Don’t just visit them at their booth, be sure to attend their one-of-a-kind workshop as well! Limited seats available here.

Booth 7: Gryphon Tea

GTC Header image (1120x420px).png

Gryphon Tea Company was founded with a mission to make high-quality teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers seeking new taste experiences. Built on passion and fuelled by the rich culture of Asia, each tea blend encompasses the heritage of unique Asian ingredients that delight every tea drinker with a tantalising journey on the palate. Visit them at the tea festival and try their new range of Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas, that are all-natural with no artificial sweeteners, colourings, and flavourings, and with real fruit juice added!

Booth 8: Pin Tea

PIN Tea Singapore.jpg

Take a trip around Singapore – with tea! Their 100% natural teas are made with different iconic neighbourhoods in mind, with each tea telling a different story. Since Singapore Tea Festival will be held in ION, what could be more apt than Ooh La Orchard – premium pu’erh tea leaves aged for over five years, yielding rich amber hues and robust stone fruit notes on both the nose and palate. This blend pays homage to the former fruit orchard – now shopping mecca.

Booth 9: Kittea

Kittea Header Image.png

Who says teas and cats don’t mix? Founded in 2016, Kittea creates gourmet tea blends with flavours inspired by each cat’s unique personality and heritage. The local brand takes pride not only in getting the best teas from around the world, but also in the fact that their blends do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavourings. Chocolate lovers will adore the Kitticorn, a blend of white chocolate-dipped pineapples, apples, and raspberries that turns into a rich purple-blue hue when added to hot water!

Booth 10: Pinetree Pantry

pinetree banner.png

Confused about when to drink what tea? While there are no hard and fast rules, Pinetree Pantry has their own suggestions on what to drink during which time of day, and a range of beautiful teaware to go with it. Check out their [3:15] Matcha + Vanilla blend, perfect for that mid-afternoon dip where you want a pick-me-up but don’t want something as strong as coffee.

Booth 11: Australian Tea Masters

Header Image- Dragon Chai.png

Australian Tea Masters is the leading organisation for tea training and tea education in Australasia. Apart from hosting the Tea Masters Cup this year at STF, Australian Tea Masters will be selling some of their amazing blends – there’s Chai for anyone who loves a cup of flavourful tea, and an Organic Kids’ Tea series for young tea drinkers who can’t quite have caffeine yet. Tea aficionados will also enjoy their workshops on chai, tea cupping, and aroma training! Don’t forget also to catch the Tea Masters Cup, which will also be held during STF on Saturday (22nd Sept) from 10am.

Booth 12: A.Muse Projects

A.muse Projects4-Accessories.jpg

To A.Muse Projects, teas are the palette where different worlds can collide. Their BREW range of teas are inspired by classic liquors, such as Riesling Tea – a white tea with natural ingredients such as lemongrass; dried apricot pieces and lemon myrtle, chosen to mimic the light, aromatic and playful character of Riesling. Nespresso owners also shouldn’t miss out on their new line of Tea Pods!

Booth 13: Infusion-de-vie

idv banner.jpg

When you blend superfoods, premium tea, and a belief in zero-additives together, you get Infusion-de-vie. This home-grown brand values premium quality and believes in a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, creating only 100% natural blends with organic tea leaves and traditional Chinese herbs. One of our favourite blends from IDV is Regenerate, a traditional wood-roasted Oolong blended with sun-baked goji berries and ginseng roots.

And that rounds up brands in our Modern Blends section. As you can see, each brand brings their own distinctive blends and characteristics to their tea. We hope that you’ll have a good time wandering around this section and getting to know them. Watch out for our next post, where we explore brands in our Classic Blends section!

You can also explore the whole range of brands that will be available at STF here.