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Introduction to Brands at Singapore Tea Festival (Part II)
September 12, 2018

Introduction to Brands at Singapore Tea Festival (Part II)

In the last post, we introduced more modern blends. But if you’re after something a little more traditional, fret not because we have a collection of amazing brands focusing on straight teas. In our Classic brands section, we’ll be introducing you to brands that focus on the original flavours of tea, such as:

Booth 14: Tea Chapter

tea chapter bnanner.jpg

Tea Chapter was launched in 1989 by 13 tea enthusiasts and has become one of Singapore’s largest tea houses. With its rich history and a host of renowned guests including Queen Elizabeth II and PM Lee Hsien Loong, Tea Chapter’s premium straight-teas are not to be missed at the Singapore Tea Festival!

Apart from their teas, be sure to check out their Tea Art Demonstration, which not only teaches you about the history of tea but will give you a chance to try it yourself! (Sorry! This workshop is sold out!)

Booth 15: Yixing Xuan

yxx banner.png

Established in 1989, this traditional tea house has served countless thirsty travellers, including the Queen of England. Charlene and Vincent, the father-daughter team behind the teahouse, take particular pride in teaching those that pass through their doors how to brew and enjoy a cup of tea.

Visit their booth and savour premium teas such as their Da Hong Pao, a premium oolong from the Wuyi mountains in Fujian!

Booth 21: OVP


OVP is a multi-award winning tea brand founded in 2013 by tea lovers. Focusing on puer and other Chinese teas, OVP seeks to introduce more and more people to the benefits and joys of tea. As such, they seek to keep their prices affordable while constantly introducing new high-quality teas into their product range.

Be sure to check out their award-winning tea Fresh Fusion®, a lively, well-balanced puer.

Booth 22: Camellia Tea Bar

camellia banner.jpg

Camellia Tea Bar is a local brand that focuses on Wuyi rock and other straight teas. Their passion for tea leads them to hunt out the best and most interesting varieties of rock tea, while keeping prices reasonable so that good quality tea remains accessible to everyone. One particularly tea we love is their Huo Shan Yellow Shoot – a yellow tea that comes all the way from Anhui.

If you’re interested in finding out more about rock tea, do sign up for their workshop on an introduction to rock tea!

Booth 23: Parchmen & Co.


Parchmen & Co. aims to bring you the best tea, direct from the source. They travel to various tea farms in Asia and are personally involved in choosing the teas that they sell, meaning that you only get the best of the pick. They also offer teas in a variety of sizes, starting from as low as $5, which allows tea enthusiasts to sample a variety of teas without breaking the bank.

They’re also offering a workshop – Theanine! Colours of Tea – which introduces you to a variety of teas and gives you a $5 voucher and a tea sample gift set! (Sorry! This workshop is sold out!)

Booth 24: Pekoe & Imp

mood shot 2.jpg

Born out of the passion and love for pure, unadulterated teas, Pekoe & Imp specialises in teas that don’t need any additional milk or sugar. They carry the intriguingly named Duck Shit Dancong Spring tea – so named because it was so good the farmer didn’t want anyone to find out the secret of his tea!

Come down and check out their range of pure, high quality teas! They will also be hosting their “Different Colours of Tea” workshop, so be sure to check that out!

That rounds up our Classic tea brands. Each of these brands focuses on a different type of tea, so no matter which tea category you’re an aficionado of, there will be something for you.

For our next and last post on brands coming to the Singapore Tea Festival, we’ll be introducing our lifestyle and beyond our shore brands to you!