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Introduction to Brands at Singapore Tea Festival (Part III)
September 15, 2018

Introduction to Brands at Singapore Tea Festival (Part III)

We’re at our third and final post about the brands coming to Singapore Tea Festival and we hope you’ve been having fun getting to know them. In our last post, we want to introduce the brands in the following two categories:

Firstly, our lifestyle brands. These brands don’t sell tea, but they do sell tea-related and tea-themed products. This section is perfect for people looking to add tea into different aspects of their lives.

Booth 16: Troops On Print

troops on print banner.png

One of our lifestyle brands, Troops on Print is here to brighten up your life with her adorable pictures. With a wide range of products, you’ll have no problem finding something to add a little bit of ‘pop’ into your life.

Be sure to check out her Singapore Tea Festival specials, such as this penguin bubble tea pouch and Merlion Bubble Tea Brooch. Now you can proclaim your love of tea without having to say a word!

Booth 17: Lydia Syiariel

lydia banner.jpg

If watercolours and calligraphy is your thing, be sure to check out Lydia’s booth. Apart from a tea-inspired coaster perfect for your cups, she’ll also be selling some of her original works! If your wall is feeling a bit bare, be sure to drop by her booth.

Budding artists and calligraphers should also check out her workshops!

Booth 18: Euphoramics

euphoramics banner.jpg

If you’re looking for a unique piece of teaware, head down to Euphoramics’ booth. Inspired by nature, all their pieces are individually crafted and designed to be both functional and beautiful. Tea drinkers looking for a new tea accessory should definitely drop by this booth!

Booth 19: &Natural

andnatural banner.png

&Natural makes art that emphasise the relationship between humans and our objects. Every piece is carefully designed and made. We particularly love their Tree series, which turns into a decorative piece when you stack them together. If you’re looking for personally crafted teaware, be sure to drop by their booth!

Booth 20: The World Traveller

2018-09-13 16.56.37

We’re all travellers on the journey of life. But for those of us visiting Singapore or with friends visiting this little red dot, why not stop by The World Traveller and pick up a memory or two? With their charmingly designed collection of tableware, you can now have your Afternoon Tea flavoured with the colours of Singapore.

We love their matching teapot and teacups, as well as the fact that these durable pieces are microwave-safe and machine washable!

Booth 25: Fizzicle

2018-09-13 16.58.01

Started by one of the key figures in the Singapore Kombucha community, Fizzicle has the freshest and tastiest kombucha that you can get! There will also be a workshop on how to make kombucha safely at home, so everyone interested in kombucha should check this workshop out!

Second, we have flavours from Beyond our Shores. These brands bring an international flavour to the Singapore Tea Festival, with their emphasis on teas from overseas. If you’re afflicted with a case of wanderlust, check out these brands:

Booth 26: Ito En

2018-09-13 17.23.41

One of the most well-known brands in Japan, Ito En corporate message is 「自然が好きです。」(We love nature). They will be bringing three of their teas to Singapore for the first time for the Singapore Tea Festival, so don’t forget to check them out for a taste of Japan!

Booth 27: Brew Me

2018-09-13 17.01.17

Brew Me brings you the finest Indonesian teas from Bali. You may not know this, but Bali has extremely good soil thanks to volcanoes, giving their teas a special flavour. By growing and producing their teas themselves, Brew Me is able to give you the best Balinese teas at reasonable prices.

Booth 28: Matchaya

2018-09-13 17.03.27

A well-known name in Singapore, Matchaya sources directly from their farms to bring you delicious Japanese teas, ice-creams, and chocolates. They believe in keeping the quality of the ingredients in all the food and drinks that they sell and hope to transport you to Japan with every bite you take.

If you’re feeling a bit tired from all the tea tasting and workshops, take a break and have something from Matchaya!


This sums up the twenty-eight brands coming to the Singapore Tea Festival. Be sure to check out our upcoming article on how to maximise your experience at the Singapore Tea Festival.

RSVP your attendance here, and invite all your tea loving friends!