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Mooncake and tea pairings
September 21, 2020

Mooncake and tea pairings

Still worrying about what to buy for your father or that really old school fifth aunt from your fiancée’s family?

Fret not because teapasar is here with the best mooncake and tea combo recommendations that will get you those illustrious nods of approval this mid-autumn festival!

Lotus Seed Mooncake

Starting with the most luxurious and one of the popular must-haves in Singapore we have the white lotus seed mooncake which originated from the Canton region. Known for the labour intensive production process, high quality lotus seed paste is often silky smooth and light to taste with a floral aroma that matches perfectly with the traditional golden brown baked pastry.

Pair with: Oolong or raw pu’er

By complementing the floral fragrance of the mooncake with the toasty notes of oolong and grassy aroma of pu’er, the palate is not overwhelmed with flavours and refreshed with every alternate bite and sip; easily allowing one(us) to gobble up the mooncake in one sitting while chatting up a storm with relatives.


Red Bean Mooncake

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On top of the natural sweetness, red bean mooncakes have a more earthy and savoury taste profile. Regardless of the pastry that envelops this delicious red bean filling, it is reminiscent of so many childhood snacks and desserts we grew up with, making it a very versatile and familiar flavour of mooncake to work with.

Pair with: Oolong, white tea and Japanese green tea

For those gifting to more traditional Chinese families, we recommend oolong and white tea as the fruity flavour in both teas will cut through any cloying sweetness while beautifully matching the nutty taste of the red bean filling. However, for the less conservative, try Japanese green teas instead to lift the fragrance of red bean with the deeper and more robust flavours of teas like sencha or matcha. There is a reason why Japanese desserts often match red bean and green teas together after all.


Snow Skin Mooncakes

In spite of the delicate flavours of the mochi like skin, the drastically different flavours of the fillings for snow skin mooncakes makes this a really challenging match to make. With a wide and ever expanding range that includes dessert inspired custards, strong flavours like durian and coffee or even alcoholic infusions and trendy bubble tea creations, the snow skin mooncake demands a match that is more subtle and refreshing.

Pair with: Fruity iced tea

Instead of the usual hot teas, try iced teas that have a low caffeine level such as zesty fruit teas or tisanes. Serving as a less jarring match to the coolness of snow skin mooncakes, we recommend chilled fruit flavoured red and black teas that can stand up to more unusual flavours of mooncake filings; a sure fire way to guarantee an excellent gastronomic experience for your gift recipients.


Mooncakes with Salted Egg Yolks

More commonly seen in baked mooncakes, the addition of salted egg yolks helps to balance out the cloying sweetness of the filling, giving it an additional fragrance that is satisfyingly savoury. However, this makes the mooncakes even more heaty than it already is, especially if the filling is something like taro or chocolate.

Pair with: Herbal tea

To counter the effects, go with a light, cooling herbal tea like chrysanthemum which will not overpower the taste of the mooncake in any way. In the event that you are gifting this combination to a family with children, you can advice them to steep the tea with goji berries or add in some honey before serving to mellow out the herbal flavour and match the sweetness of the mooncakes.


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