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Part 1: Brands at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic
May 27, 2019

Part 1: Brands at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic

Tea lovers, rejoice! teapasar has opened a new tea store at Naiise Iconic in the hottest place in town – Jewel, Changi. With this bigger space, we’ll be bringing you more tea from various tea brands from all around the world.

If you’re planning a visit to our tea bar and have no idea what to buy (psst, we have a tea bar so you can enjoy drinks while browsing), here are our favourites from each brand!

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Kindred Teas

With its focus on beautiful and delicious teas, Kindred Teas has been making waves for its unique blends. While we love many of the blends, our hands-down favourite has got to be her blooming teas. After all, how many other teas can combine beauty and great taste? Each tin of blooming tea comes with four different flavours, allowing you to experience for amazing blooms. This tea is most beautiful when made in a tall, clear teapot – also available on our website (

Read more about Kindred Teas in this interview with their founder, Madelene:

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Lychee Oolong, $22 for 25g of loose leaf

Antea Social

Oolong fans need to know about Antea Social. Working with tea masters and various farms in Taiwan, Antea Social flavours their teas by baking them into the tea, allowing them to create flavoured oolongs that can last for several steepings. Her entire range of flavoured oolongs is delicious, but our favourite and the crowd-pleaser is definitely her lychee oolong. This tea is delicious brewed hot or cold and is the perfect partea drinks.

If you’re curious to know more about how Antea Social got started, check out our interview with their founder, Jolene:

Bodhi Organic Teas


 PositiviTEA, $14.50 for 70g


Hailing from the land down under, Bodhi Organic Tea focuses on creating delicious and healthy blends using the healing properties of herbs. If you’re feeling a little tired or down (or just need a pick-me-up), we recommend their PositiviTEA, which is sure to brighten your day. This herbal blend of mint and lemongrass will provide a caffeine-free boost!


Pekoe & Imp


Duck Shit Dancong, $19.50 for 50g loose leaf


Pekoe & Imp was born out of a love for pure teas and is the perfect brand for the purist tea-drinker. They carry a wide range of unusual straight teas – our favourite has got to be the eye-catchingly named Duck Shit Oolong. No, ducks are not involved in this delicious oolong; rather, the name comes from a farmer who tried to hide his delicious tea by giving it an unappetising name. This tea is perfect for fans of oolong who want to try something different and it makes for a great conversation starter.

Tily Tea


Deep Cleanse, $15.90 for 10 tea bags

This young, local brand is making waves for its tisanes, which are based on TCM principles. These tisanes are caffeine-free, making them perfect for those who are sensitive to the caffeine in tea. We recommend their Deep Cleanse, a blend of burdock root, red dates, rose, apple flowers, and peach flowers that detoxes the system while nourishing skin and hair.



If grab-to-go drinks are more to your liking, check out Asmara. Co-founded by two food scientists, Asmara seeks to use traditional ingredients that have been verified by science in its drinks – giving you the maximum health benefits along with great taste. We love their Asari 7, which is a French rose bird’s nest drink that contains several functional ingredients. The French rose gives the birds nest a delicate pink colour, while the edible gold gives it some sparkle. This drink will help you to sparkle inside and out.  

To learn more about Asmara, check out our interview with their co-founder, Ramesh:


If you’re looking for a tumbler, why don’t you take a look at Swanz? Their porcelain tumblers are BPA-free and do not retain any smells. That means no more tea scents from previous brews affecting whatever’s in your bottle right now. We like their beautiful Blue Diamond Tumbler, which can keep your tea hot or cold for three to five hours.

Pinetree Pantry

Pinetree Pantry seeks to bring back our Asian tea-drinking culture by providing quality products suited for tea time. If you’re looking for peace for one, we recommend their “Penguin” Portable Tea Set. This adorable set contains a small teapot and cup, good for one serving of tea. You can get a packet of their tea for an addition $2, an absolute steal!

Brew Me


Organic Bali Green Tea, $22 for 30g loose leaf

This Balinese farm is located 1,085 meters above sea level, giving the teas grown here a unique taste. Their range of organic Bali teas are great and we particularly recommend their Organic Bali Green Tea. This slightly sweet tea is perfect as an everyday drink for green tea lovers.

And that’s it for part one! Tune in on Friday for part two! If you can’t wait that long, head over to teapasar’s tea bar @ Naiise Iconic Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport, located at Level 2. See you there!