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Part 2: Brands at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic
May 31, 2019

Part 2: Brands at teapasar @ Naiise Iconic

Last week, we shard the first half of all your favourite tea brands that are available at our brand new tea bar @ Naiise Iconic Singapore, located at Jewel Changi Airport. Don’t fret if you didn’t find your all time favourite in Part 1, it just might be in Part 2! Let’s begin.

Hachimanjyu Tea


Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Yakushima, Hachimanjyu Tea is an organic tea farm that seeks to live in peace with nature. Their focus on environmentally friendly farming practices, coupled with the unique terroir of Yakushima, has resulted in exceptional tea. We love their Organic Yakushima Genmaicha, made with organic rice from Kumamoto. Their Genmaicha has the perfect balance of roasted green tea and rice, making this a comfort drink for the soul. You can also find this tea at our tea roasting station if you want to emphasise the roasted notes of Genmaicha. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on tea roasting!

To read more about Yakushima and Hachimanjyu Tea, we recommend our article with the Watanabe family:


Translated from French as “tea of life”, this home-grown brand combines the Western concept of blending with Eastern ingredients. We love Reflect, a blend of sencha green tea with osmanthus flowers. The osmanthus flowers add a touch of floral sweetness to the tea, making this popular with all who love floral blends. As their blends do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavourings, the taste of this tea is completely natural.

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Did you know you can also order ready made drinks from teapasar?. #teapasarrecommends Aged Pu’er Chocolate Latte! This chocolaty drink is made with rich cocoa and Infusion-de-vie’s Renew. Enjoy it hot or cold, available for a limited time only, at The Pantry at Naiise Iconic!

Tea Chapter

One of the stalwarts in the Singaporean tea community, Tea Chapter is dedicated to preserving Singapore’s tea culture. Their quality can be seen from the luminaries who’ve patronised the shop – including Queen Elizabeth! We recommend their Imperial Golden Cassia, a light oolong that’s was served to the Queen on her visit to Tea Chapter. It’s your chance to drink like a royal.

Pin Tea

PIN Tea Singapore (2)

You could take a little trip around Singapore town with Pin Tea’s Singapore-inspired blends! Each blend is named after a special location and since we’re now at Jewel, we have to recommend their Cha Cha Changi. Inspired by our childhood favourite – Bandung – this blend of roses and Tie Guanyin oolong tea is a smooth, floral blend that’s perfect as a gift or for yourself.


A tea brand from across the causeway, KJS Tea is focused on bringing the best tea from around the world. All their teas will appeal to fans of straight teas, but we really like their Oriental Tea Beauty – Xin Fu. One of the most iconic Taiwanese teas, this tea has a naturally sweet taste and fruity aroma.


Oriental Tea Beauty – Xin Fu, $75 for 75g loose leaf


Yaupon Brothers


image by @nativenuseriess on instagram

Singapore, it’s time for you to get to know Yaupon. A plant native to America, this caffeinated herb is a relative to the tea plant and doesn’t contain as much tannin – this means that it’s nearly impossible to oversteep yaupon tea. Yaupon Brothers brings us the goodness of Yaupon all the way from America, farmed in a way that it benefits the local communities and ecosystems. There are four amazing flavours, but we’d recommend starting with the classic Traditional Green Yaupon Tea. This tea is mellow, sweet, grassy, and smooth and is perfect for people who want to start drinking yaupon.


OVP has made a name for itself with its high-quality and affordable puer tea bags, but did you know that they also sell puer cakes? Aimed at the connoisseur tea drinker, these puer cakes have been aged for your drinking pleasure – these are perfect to buy and store for when honoured guests come to visit. Come and visit us to see the range of puer cakes we have!

For more about OVP, check out our interview with Christopher, the founder of the brand:

The Tea Crafters

The Tea Crafters is the result of someone acting on their love of blended teas. Aimed at allowing people to explore the world of blended teas, The Tea Crafters have come up with a range of unique tea flavours. We enjoy their Rose Lychee, a floral and fruity black tea blend that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

JPEG image-921AAC76CCDB-1.jpeg

Rose Lychee, $25.90 for 80g loose leaf

For more information on The Tea Crafters, check out our interview with them:

Udyan Tea

One of the newest brands at teapasar, Udyan Tea is an Indian brand based in the Darjeeling district focused on bringing you a range of high-quality and diverse teas. In particular, we love their Darjeeling Spring Splendor Black tea, produced from the peak Spring season. As you may well know, Darjeeling is known as the champagne of teas and the Spring flush is extremely popular. This is a tea that’s not to be missed.


Darjeeling Spring Splendor Black Tea, $27 for 100g loose leaf



And these are some of our favourite products that you can find at our new teabar at Naiise Iconic. So come down and have a cup of tea with us – we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something to bring home and enjoy!