5 years Aged Premium Chenpi Puer (Raw Green)
5 years Aged Premium Chenpi Puer (Raw Green)

5 years Aged Premium Chenpi Puer (Raw Green)


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Unbeknownst to many, it is not uncommon for commercial tea brands to add sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives, Infusion-de-vie values premium quality and believes in a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, hence creating only 100% natural blends with organic tea leaves and traditional Chinese herbs, free from any additives.

Green Chenpi are best for its health properties and its complex flavours, full of essential oils with herbal fragrance. Harvested from Xinhui, an area of Jiangmen famous for producing the most fragrant peel due to its unique oils in a special breed of trees only found in this district since the early Song dynasty, the peel is aged together with premium palace-grade puer from Yunnan, creating a natural marriage of flavours and fragrance which no artificially flavoured teas can match. Infusion-de-vie searched for farmers using only natural sunlight for drying to ensure the best of the ageing journey.


5 years aged authentic Xinhui small green Chenpi, Palace Grade AAA Ripe Puer

Brewing Instructions

Bring fresh water to a boil. Break a bit of the Chenpi with some Puer. Pour water over tea, steep for 2 secs for the first brew and 10 seconds for subsequent brews

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