Arare Konpeito (Nomadx)
Arare Konpeito (Nomadx)

Arare Konpeito (Nomadx)


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Also known as Yukari, this traditional Niigata snack has over 100 years of history. Arare konpeito is a ball-shaped arare (small Japanese sticky rice cracker) coated with konpeitou (a sugar candy). This set comes with three flavours: 

  • Matcha
  • Yuzu
  • Ginger

How to Enjoy

Method 1: Put one or two tablespoons of the arare konpeito into 80ml hot water. The drink is ready when the konpeito has dissolved. You can eat the arare as well! 

Method 2: Add into tea as a substitute for sugar. 

Method 3: Use as a topping for yogurt. 

Method 4: Enjoy as a snack by itself!