Cacao Tea (Vung Tau)
Cacao Tea (Vung Tau)

Cacao Tea (Vung Tau)

Benns Chocolate

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Benns Cacao Tea is produced using a natural process, ensuring high nutritional and antioxidant properties from the Cacao superfood raw ingredient is retained. Cacao tea is made from cacao husks and nibs - Cacao husks are the outer shells of the cacao bean and cacao nibs are the inner fruit of the bean. The cacao husks and nibs are carefully roasted to release the beautiful natural flavors of cacao. The resulting tea is clean tasting, naturally rich in antioxidants, has a natural mood-uplifting effect and a smooth, chocolatey flavor and aroma. The cacao beans used are sourced directly from Vung Tau, Vietnam. Mr Tran Van Thanh, owner of the farm, started cacao farming 15 years ago and has dedicated his time into growing, fermenting, drying to ensure delivery of the best cacao beans. His farm demonstrates good farming practices according to UTZ standards. This chocolate bar is 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free.

Each box contains 12 sachets

Brewing Directions:  Brew for 2-3 Mins in Hot Water (90 degrees celsius)

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