Immunity (NomadX)

Immunity (NomadX)


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Crafted with Anaya Life's Trigona honey by stingless bees, this strong flavoured junboocha is named Immunity due to its medicinal properties. 

A winner of Great Taste 2016, Anaya's Trigona is tested to be Active 25+ (equivalent to UMF 20 from manuka honey), 83% effective against bad bacteria and most importantly is less sweet compared to conventional honey. It also has well over 10 tasting notes.

Tasting notes: Malted, honey, toffee, pineapple, mango, tamarind, pineapple, echinacea, lime, vanilla, roselle, basil and coconut.

When to drink it: Lunch to afternoon tea.

Pairing: Dim sum, cakes, and cheese. 


Filtered water, live cultures, wildflower honey, trigona honey and Earl Grey tea.