My Dutch 550

My Dutch 550


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The My Dutch 550 is an all in one system for coffee or tea cold drip. Cold-drip tea, also known as cold brewed tea, takes a longer time to make but rewards you with a smoother, less astringent tea that is perfect for the hot Singapore weather. With the My Dutch 550, you can make cold-drip tea anytime you wish.

My Dutch is made using high quality PYREX heat resistant glass. We include the AIR BREATH sealing lid which allows you to seal and refrigerate your tea right away.

Capacity: 550ml

Materials: Glass, BPA Plastic


1. Place the stainless still filter at the bottom of the coffee/tea basket.

2. Fill with tea and place clean filter paper above.

3.Put the basket in the holder and place in server.

4. Fill the tank with ice and water.

5. Adjust the valve to beging brewing. You'll soon be enjoying a cup of freshly-made cold brew tea!

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