Periwinkle Butterfly
Periwinkle Butterfly

Periwinkle Butterfly

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Eye catching, mouth watering, savoury tea. Not the usual words used to normally describe a tea blend, but our Perinwinkle Butterfly tea is something of a very unique sort. Originating from Thailand, the Butterfly Pea Flowers give out a very dreamy blue-ish purple liquor colour that can be very pleasant on the eyes. Our Periwinkle Butterfly tea is mixed with a zesty lemon flavoured oil and lemon grass that adds that final touch on top of that already deliciously flavoured tea.This unique floral tisane can be used as a remedy for curing headaches, improving cardiac health and also be used as a form of revitalisation to the body. This drink can be served both hot and chilled, which makes it the perfect summer drink. 

Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flowers, Natural Lemon Oil, Lemon Verbanae

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