Seed collection
Seed collection
Seed collection

Seed collection


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'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.' — Great things may come from small beginnings. The Seed Collection was inspired by the nature of oak seed—the acorn. The idea is to encourage people to be brave for the first step. As the first collection, it also celebrates the birth of &natural. The graceful curve form of this cup make it comfortable to hold in hand. Especially when filled with a cup of hot tea, holding the cup with both hand keep yourself warm. The lid of the cup can be use as a tray to put used tea bag, or serve as a small saucer for dessert that goes along with tea. This is a handmade ceramic product, thus irregular texture or small difference in size or form might present. At &natural, we craft our works thorough to the last detail and ensure the highest quality in material and process of making.


Stoneware food safe, hand wash recommended

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