Taiping Hou Kui

Taiping Hou Kui


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Totally made by hand, this green tea has two adjacent leaves embracing the bud, and is harvested only in spring in the Yellow Mountain region. This tea is famous for its length of up to 8 cm, as well as a vibrant orchid aroma accompanied by a nutty hint. 

When the leaves are brewed in a tall glass vessel, it presents a beautiful aesthetic. This is perhaps the only tea that befits such a service method.

Aside from a green tea's tendency to heighten the spicy sensation during food pairing, this tea pairs well with steak and seafood dishes and is a great palette cleanser between courses. The strong aroma amplifies the aroma of food. Try it with a pungent blue cheese to get a surprise!

Brewing Instructions

Steep using 80-85 degree water for 45s

Use 3g of tea for 150ml of water

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