Uniquely Yishun

Uniquely Yishun

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Subtle in appearance yet bold in flavour, our Uniquely Yishun chrysanthemum tea is just like Singapore’s mysteriously dystopian suburb. Whether it’s bovine visits or feline villains, high speed car chases or underground vice rings, there’s nothing a cup of tea won’t fix. You do you, Yishun.

Recommended Brewing Temperature: 95°C

Recommended Steeping Time: 2 Mins

Country Price Estimated Transit Time

Below 0.3kg  = S$6

Above 0.3kg = Free

3-5 days
Slight delays expected during peak holiday seasons
Malaysia and Brunei 8 to 24 days
Asia, excluding Japan below 0.8kg = S$18
0.81kg - 1.2kg = S$29
1.21kg - 1.6kg = S$38
1.61kg - 2kg = S$55
2.1kg & Above = S$76
8 to 24 days
Rest of the world, including Japan below 0.8kg = S$24
0.81kg - 1.2kg = S$36
1.21kg - 1.6kg = S$48
1.61kg - 2kg = S$65
2.1kg & Above = S$100
8 to 24 days