OVP® WOKEN DRAGON™, Award-Winning Jasmine Oolong Tea

OVP® WOKEN DRAGON™, Award-Winning Jasmine Oolong Tea


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Bright and clear, this award-winning single origin tea displays a good bodied rounded taste that is pleasing and aromatic. This desirable quality is ensuring that the tea is well-conceived and processing of the leaf is done well.

WOKEN DRAGON™ Power: High in anti-oxidant, helps to reduce fat, fight fatigue and anti-depression, promotes calm and happiness. Especially for trouble with anxiety and body fats, and seeking skin brightening.

全球名茶锦标赛 得奖名茶 

茉莉乌龙  -   潜龙初醒          


汤感粘稠,茉莉花香及乌龙清香并存。 被感身心清爽。  喝上一杯,消脂、提神、抗氧化


100% natural Green Oolong Loose Tea Leaves and jasmine flowers 

Brewing Directions

3g tea leaves, 160ml, 90°C, 3-min.

Or 5g tea leaves, 120ml, 90°C, 1st Brew 3-sec; 2nd-5th brew 5-sec.