2016 Full Moon White Tea - Suoi Giang Vietnam (50g) (Copy)

2016 Full Moon White Tea – Suoi Giang Vietnam (50g) (Copy)

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Picked from the wild Assamica tea trees in Northern Vietnam during Spring, this tea is picked only for its buds and sun-dried slowly in the mountains.

Processed similar to its cousin in Ha Giang the Crescent Moon. However this tea has a bigger tea bud.

This tea has aged pretty nicely for the last few 4 years, the taste notes develop as you age the tea, and currently, it has notes of stone fruits and yellow flowers, it has a deep mellow flavour that rounds off pleasantly.

Like a good Pu’er, you may perspire a little while drinking this tea but you’ll feel invigorated after that!

Recommended for mornings or before a workout.

Recommended brew at 3g to 150ml at 85C.

This tea can be brewed multiple times and is very consistent.

Tea packed in loose in Tea Caddy. 100g packed in Big Caddy


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