6-in-1 Tea Gift Box

6-in-1 Tea Gift Box

Tea Chapter All Tea & Coffee, Black Tea, Dark Tea, Dark Tea, Green Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, White Tea

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Enjoy 6 types of popular teas in 1 gift box!

  • Dragon Well [Green Tea]
  • White Peony [White Tea]
  • Tie Guan Yin [Oolong Tea]
  • Hong Guan Yin [Red Tea]
  • Pu’er [Black Tea]
  • Silver Hair Jasmine  [Floral Tea]

Tea Chapter

The name “茶渊” came from the mission “茶学渊博,茶文化源远流长”, which translates to “being knowledgeable in Tea and promoting the culture of Tea Art”; while the English name “Tea Chapter” means opening new chapters to tea culture. In the effort to preserve culture and heritage, Tea Chapter decided to rent a shophouse at the Tanjong Pagar area which was a part of Singapore’s conservation project.

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