90 Whole Leaf Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

90 Whole Leaf Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

All Tea & Coffee, Green Tea, Jing Sheng Yu

97.00 SGD

30 Tea bags x 3 Flavours

Alishan Jin Xuan Tea – Marked by the signature milky sweetness of the JinXuan plant, a sip of this tea leaves a mesmerising taste that will entice and refresh your palette

Light Roast Sijichun Tea – Roasted over a gentle flame, this premium Sijichun tea brings out the fragrance of Gardenia flowers with elegance in every sip

Pekoe Jasmine Tea – The flavours of the precious BaimaoHou leaves are infused with the sweetness of jasmine to create a lovely floral brew

Brewing Directions

Step1. Tea set – Prepare one large and one small teapot.

Step2. Tea infusion – Place the tea bag into the small teapot. Add and immediately pour out hot water to rinse the leaves. Again, add hot water to infuse the tea leaves. Collect the infusion in the large teapot. Repeat until you have collected 3 infusions.

Step3. Now enjoy!


  1. Water temperature: Boiling water.
  2. Teapot materials: For glass or porcelain teapots, infusion time is 2 minutes. For purple clay teapots, infusion time is 1 minute.
  3. For premium jasmine green tea, the “rinse” step is not required. Infusion time is 30 seconds.