African Oolong

African Oolong

All Tea & Coffee, Avanteas, Oolong, STCF - Tea

22.00 SGD

50g pouch

African oolong is carefully crafted from the original tea fields planted on the Malawi slopes in 1926 by the Scottish founder Maclean Kay. Satemwa tea estate also makes this tea in honour of Fadson Breadson. He was one of the longest-serving pluckers on SATEMWA. Fadson was extremely passionate about his work and was very particular about delicately plucking only the finest leaf. His dedication is a tribute to the quality of tea produced. To make this tea they use old bushes (over 50 years old) and make use of a long sun wither.

Tasting notes: Gentle soft and hints of green peppercorn. A fresh grassy taste lingering on the pallet.


2-3 leaves and a bud of Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis

Brewing Directions

3 gr per cup: 90 C water for 2 – 3 minutes.