Amayar Myanmar - Washed - 250g

Amayar Myanmar – Washed – 250g

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Su Su Aung grew up in Ywangan, and got her start in coffee as a broker in the local market. She originally sold coffee to Chinese brokers at low prices, but she was interested in improving the quality of the coffee she bought, so she could pay growers more for cherry.

In 2015, she participated in the Winrock/CQI project and learned how to produce high-quality naturals. Motivated by the potential of better coffee as a means to strengthening her community, Su Su Aung organized groups of women who were producing coffee, and shared her new knowledge with them. Out of this effort grew Su Su Aung’s milling and export company, Amayar – a name that means noble lady.

By 2018, Amayar had its own processing, milling operation and cupping lab, and had become a tremendous resource and source of pride for the Ywangan community. Su Su Aung prides herself on offering 10% of her profits to community efforts that include pre/post-natal training for young mothers, and food safety courses for families. She is also very generous with advice and support to coffee farmers. This was when we first visited the coffee farms in Myanmar and got to know about about Myanmar’s Specialty Coffee range.

Dry Natural takes about 7-10 days of drying to achieve the required degree of dryness and fermentation.

This coffee process has a creamy smooth body, sweet complex acidity and clean. It had a score of 85.25 from the recent Myanmar Coffee Competition.

Region  Ywangan Township, Shan State Myanmar
Elevation  1,100-1,300 metres above sea level
Process  Dry Natural
Varietal  Catuai