An Nam Beauty Oolong Tea

An Nam Beauty Oolong Tea

Father's Day Sale, Oolong, Parchmen, Same Day Delivery

15.30 SGD 18.00 SGD

This tea is inspired by Taiwan’s Oriental Beauty with as a highly oxidised Oolong.

This is a very special type of tea because of the way it is processed, and its flavor is reflected in its name. As the tea leaves grow they are bitten by green flies, which unintentionally stimulate the tea leaves – triggering the leaves to begin fermentation. The leaves are then handpicked, continuing to ferment, leaving a very fruity fragrant tea, amber in color, with a honey taste. This is a very unique and charming tea.

Brewing Directions

1 – Heat up all the tea ware with hot water. Place 5gr of tea into the tea pot

2- Pour hot water into the pitcher and wait for it cooling down to  92- 94oC , steep in 30-60 senconds depending on how “intense” you like to sip tea

3- Pour tea from tea pot to the pitcher. Pour it into the small cups and enjoy