Assam Imperial Black Tea

Assam Imperial Black Tea

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Assam Imperial Black Tea is a small batch tea produced in speciality tea estate of Assam. The tea has a beautiful appearance with several golden tips and brews into a malty, sweet cup having a fruity and astringent character of a high grown hilly tea. A must try for all tea connoisseurs.

Ingredients: Assam Black Tea

Udyan Tea

We’re a tea consultancy and premium tea brand based in Darjeeling district, who believe that teas aren’t just beverages, they’re a lifestyle – a delicious medley of art and expertise. With the finest single estate teas sourced directly from the best gardens in the country and blends crafted in-house with diligent research and evaluation, our collection is unique and varied. Created by master tea tasters with over 15 years of tasting experience, our teas are on a crusade across the globe, with more than 20 million cups served in over 40 countries. We have not just pioneered the e-commerce tea experience in India but we take the art of tea brewing to a whole new level; aiming to provide tea lovers with the chance to discover a wide range of distinct, nuanced flavours in every cup!

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