Black Pao Glass Mug & Infuser

Black Pao Glass Mug & Infuser

Father's Day Sale, Teaware, Whittard

60.00 SGD

Height: 13cm (including lid and infuser)
Width (including handle): 12cm
Depth: 9cm
Capacity: 400ml
Weight: 288g

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In Mandarin, the word “Pao” translates as “infuse” – and that’s exactly what you get with our ingenious infuser mugs, designed to create the perfect brew, just for you. Crafted from fine quality high-fired porcelain with a super–sleek finish, each mug comes complete with it’s very own removable infuser and a lid which doubles up as a tray for the filter – not to mention keeping your tea toasty. Brilliant for brewing away at the office desk, or for keeping on the bedside table for those long lazy mornings. Comes with a Whittard branded gift box.