Blood Orange

Blood Orange

12.12, All Tea & Coffee, Fruit Tisane, The Hillcart Tales

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This tisane, with its deep bright colour and sweet flavour, blended with hibiscus and rosehip makes for a vibrant, awakening cup. Rich, hearty and tangy, it is a perfect hot as well as cold brew. Brimming with flavours and a colour that radiates into a deep orange liquor, this uplifting blend creates an enchanting tea with delicate notes of honey and sparkle of oranges.


Hibiscus (47%), Apple (23%), Rosehip (12%), Orange Peel (13%) and Stevia (5%)

Brewing Directions

Coaster seal rich flavours of muslin bags & contain a message to stir up your day! Pull the gathers to pop open the coaster. Place teabag in cup, pour hot water upto 90 degrees & steep for 03-05 mins. Enjoy the medley flavours!