Brew Me | La Vie En Rose Tin

Brew Me | La Vie En Rose Tin

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Packaging Tin
Loose Leaf, 50 Gram

Black tea, french rose buds and vanilla


Our smooth black tea blend with french rose buds and vanilla. The aroma is uplifting and gentle, without overwhelming the senses. The buds are known to contain a higher amount of vitamin C and the polyphenol group called “Catechins”. Combination of all these natural components makes rosebud tea a healthy beverage and some of the benefits includes, easing depression, soothes the nerves, benefits circulation and reduces indigestion.

Black tea, french rose buds and vanilla

4-5 grams or 1-1,5 tbsp of tea
350 ml water
80°C water temperature
Steep for 2-3 minutes
Remove leaves and serve

Brew Me

Thanks to the volcano, Bali has good potential for the farming industry. The volcano made the soil of plantation area become different, it’s impact to the farm product. Brew Me Tea planted at the Angseri Valley it’s located in Baturiti, Tabanan – Bali within elevation 1.085 m above the sea. It makes Brew Me Tea has a uniqueness of taste as a local product of Bali.

Brew Me Tea proceed by tea master with an international standart tools tea maker in Gianyar – Bali. We have our own tea manufacturing in Bali, it’s controlled by tea master for the product quality. Our mission are make a premium tea product by keep the quality on the high level.

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