Bug's Bitten Oolong 蜒香茶 2018 (50g) (Copy)

Bug’s Bitten Oolong 蜒香茶 2018 (50g) (Copy)

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This tea is specifically only made in summer where the tea jassid (a common tea bug) grows when the weather is warmer. These insects suck on the juices of the tea causing a defensive reaction by the tea plant, producing monoterpene diol which gives the tea its unique flavour.

The injuries cause on the plant also start the oxidation of the tea-producing sweet notes in the oolong process. This was originally done with the Oriental Beauty and replicated however the Oolong process is unique to this style of the tea maker.

 Origin Zhu Shan, Nantou, Taiwan
Process Method Charcoal Roasted Wulong
Brewing Recommendations 3g to 150ml

90-95C for 45s.