CHOCOELF Bar Merlion Mango

CHOCOELF Bar Merlion Mango

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9.00 SGD


The Merlion, a beautiful creature bearing the majestic lion head on the graceful body of a fish, symbolizes Singapore. Mango is a popular fruit of the tropics, well-loved for its sweet tangy taste. In Chocoelf’s Mango Merlion chocolate bar, sweet-tangy mango is encased in velvety milk chocolate, bringing you a truly luscious treat with a tropical twist.


CHOCOELF story unfolded when a doctor and a chocolatier from Singapore came together to craft chocolate that was rooted in passion with careful considerations towards quality. We pride ourselves in creating innocent indulgence with No Added Sugar recipes and honoring the holistic balance in confections which are made to taste pure and pleasurable.

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