Classic Collection

Classic Collection

All Tea & Coffee, Black Tea, Christmas Gifts, Gift Sets, Green Tea, Oolong, Savis

18.00 SGD

20 Teabags

Consists of: Pure Green Tea, Pure Oolong, Classic Black Tea, and Javanese Jasmine Tea

Pure Green Tea

High anti-oxidant, anti cholesterol & good for slimming

Fresh, astringent, slightly smoky.

Pure Oolong Tea

Indonesian organic oolong with fresh tropical fruit aroma &
nutty notes.

Delicate, fruity & nutty.

Classic Black Tea

Bold, flowery & rich flavor. Mood enhancer.

Medium body, flowery & rich flavor.

Javanese Jasmine Tea

Green tea leaves blending with jasmine bud in traditional
special process.

Floral, slightly smoky, sweet after taste.