Crafted Tea Set – Buy 3 Free 1

Crafted Tea Set – Buy 3 Free 1

All Tea & Coffee, Full Leaf MY, Multi-blend, STCF - Tea

14.00 SGD

Bloating, immunity, and skin problems?😩
No worries! Wellness tea to the rescue! 🥳
CRAFTED tea, with selections of the finest herbs and
ingredients- it’s like a magic potion 🤩 Total 8 flavor to choose!
Buy 3 free 1 Now! Please put on remark 4 sachet of your choose

✨Bring the “Parisian balconey” feeling to your days with our crafted teas✨

Staying in at home gets boring, we know! But that doesn’t mean you can’t change the atmosphere around you 😉

🕊️Try out our new collection of crafted teas to have. Wind down with our variety, which includes:

– after meal (easy digestion🍛)
-‘cold’ down (immune booster 💪🏼)
– skinny leg (metabolism booster 🏋️)
– for your eye (screen strain? 👀)
– relaxation ( get comfy 🧘‍♀️)
– beauty blast (detoxifying 🧚🏻‍♀️)
– fresh breeze (invigorating 😌)
– rose beauty (delicate, sweet 🌹)