Dancong Ao Fu Hou 凤凰单丛凹富后 2020 SPRING (50g)

Dancong Ao Fu Hou 凤凰单丛凹富后 2020 SPRING (50g)

All Tea & Coffee, CNY 2021, Oolong, Parchmen, STCF - Tea, Valentine's Day 2021

25.00 SGD

This is one of the rare Dancong varietal also with the most names for it 凹富后、塌富后、托富后、塌堀垢.

The mother tree was found growing behind a hole on a big stone on a hill in Dan Hu Village 丹湖村. Hence the name was more referred to where it was originally found, behind the cave or rock.

Ao Fu Hou is a very picky tea as it only matures for short periods and harvesting and processing must be done within a few days of harvest or the flavours will be affected quickly. This is also the reason why it has been very difficult to create hybrid from this varietal.

We love how beautiful it looks with the red edges on the leaves.

This spring harvest Dancong has a very fragrant floral notes of gardenia and cream. Unlike a few Dancong that cuts short the ending of the tea, this tea has a creamy sweet finish that resonates for a while.

Perfect tea for high tea