Detox Tea

Detox Tea

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Our BEST-SELLING Detox Tea using premium floral and tea ingredients!

It was selling so well that due to overwhelming orders, we had to stop sales in 2016 as it was too manual-intensive to pack.

Since then, we have finally found a new way to blend the tea and pack it into a tea bag that is traditionally used to pack Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because of its durability and ability to allow the ingredients to infuse beautifully. Now with an improved formula, our Detox Tea is back to give us better health and help us shed those stubborn pounds.

Since the ancient days, lotus leaf has been well-known as a weight loss remedy. With the addition of premium French Rose and natural herbs/tea, our Detox Tea concoction is ideal for those who want to lose weight, stay slim and look radiant. For additional health benefits, on top of the weight loss benefit, we also blended in various types of floral tea.

This tea is suitable for both genders and we recommend drinking it for at least 30 days consecutively to see better results.

– Detox
– Burn excess fats
– Aids weight loss by increasing metabolism, prevent fats from being absorbed
– Promote healthy liver function
– Lower blood pressure & cholesterol level
– Helps in constipation, diuretics
– Nourishes livers & lungs
– Strengthen the digestive systems and detoxify urinary tracts and kidneys
– High in Vitamin A,C(60% higher than oranges),D,E and K
– Reduce wrinkles, acnes
– Wolfberries help in improving the eyesight

Distinctive aroma pleasant floral flavour.

Pour freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a cup and infuse for 3 minutes.

*Recommended to pour away the first brew to ‘wash’ the tea.

Keep in cool dry place, away from strong light and odour. Refrigerate after opening.