Ethiopia Mamo Kacha

Ethiopia Mamo Kacha

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21.00 SGD

250g Bag

The Ethiopia Mamo Kacha roast is a single origin from the Yirgacheffe region.
This is a beautiful filter roast with a light body and fruity and floral tasting notes.
Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee, with Yirgacheffe arguably being its most famous growing region. Mamo Kacha is an exporter that selects higher grade washed lots and curates a very intentional regional blend that’s not only the classic Yirgacheffe cup profile everyone loves, but also the highest – end version of what the Yirgacheffe G2 label signifies.

Recommended Brewing Method:
Pour Over/Drip Methods
French Press

• Country: Ethiopia
• Region: Yirgacheffe
• Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom
• Process: Washed
• Tasting Notes: Dried Berries, Raisins, Jasmine
• Altitude: 1500-2100m

Available in different grinds for your brewing method