Fruit Collection

Fruit Collection

All Tea & Coffee, Black Tea, Savis, White Tea

18.00 SGD

20 Teabags

Consists of: Pomegranate White Tea, Lemon Tea, Lychee Tea, Blackcurrant Tea, and Mango Tea

Pomegranate White Tea

A refreshing blend of white tea and natural pomegranate flavour. Great for iced tea!

Delicate, tart & fruity

Lemon tea

Black tea with refreshing natural lemon flavour.

Fresh & invigorating

Lychee tea

Black tea with sweet tropical natural lychee flavour.

Sweet & fruity aroma

Blackcurrant Tea

Black tea with fresh natural blackcurrant flavour.

Fresh & fruity aroma

Mango Tea

Black tea with natural exotic Indonesian mango flavour.

Sweet & juicy