Geng Ma Raw Pu-er 2017 耿马古树生茶 (Copy)

Geng Ma Raw Pu-er 2017 耿马古树生茶 (Copy)

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Geng Ma is the name of county located in South West of Lin Cang. The tea garden of Geng Ma raw pu-erh tea is located on the mountain at altitude around 2000-2100m.
Geng Ma is quite a vast area and there are a number of tea gardens scattering at a wide range of altitudes, i.e., from low to high altitude. We looked for gardens that were grown completely in wild. The local people call it “Ye Fang” tea garden. (野放茶園)

The Ye Fang tea garden in Yunnan was grown in the wild since the day one. Technically, tea garden was not being taken care at all. In addition, the tea trees in Yunnan tea garden are planted far from each other and scattering. There is enough distance between each tree. So, there is sufficient space for weeds to grow around the tea tree. In their growing environment, tea tree is not the primary plant but just one of the members in the ecology. Perhaps even if human never come back in future, these gardens should be able to live on.

As tea trees grow very slowly, they do not have to conduct very efficient photosynthesis. As a result, the tea leaves becomes less green in colour and very small. Adversely, despite these teas are less attractive in appearance, it gives very clean and thick taste. In addition, it gives very strong yet natural sweetness on our palate. Geng Ma raw pu-erh tea gives very strong body too.

Notes of apricots, passion fruit and sweet taste notes.


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