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Created for its anti-inflammatory functions, our Ginger Junboocha is made with the highly prized and nutritious Bentong Ginger. Ginger helps to relieve muscle aches for athletes and joint pain for elders!

Ginger Junboocha is a tasty solution for bloated tummies aiding to reduce gas. A good natural source of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese; Ginger neutralises harmful free radicals and strengthens your immune system. Keep flu away now!

As ginger is a thermogen, it helps you to burn stored fat in your body by increasing your metabolism! Ginger is also known to lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

Tasting notes: Ginger, honey, spicy and woody.

When to drink it: Morning. Bad tummy days.

Pairing: Seafood and greasy Chinese foods.


Filtered water, live kombucha cultures, wildflower honey, ginger and green tea.


Fizzicle Kombucha – Lift Your Life!

Started by Melissa Mak, founder of SG Fermentation Friends community, tea sommelier and blender, Head Judge of the first Asia Kombucha Brew-Off; Fizzicle Kombucha is the freshest and tastiest kombucha you can get!

Known as the Tea of Immortality, Kombucha has been consumed for centuries as a health drink! As our kombuchas are made with only honey, you are getting kombuchas designed and calibrated for your best health! Made especially bioavailable, our products are unpasteurized to ensure you get the probiotics.

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