Golden Flowers (1000g brick)

Golden Flowers (1000g brick)

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A dark tea different from the ubiquitous pu’er tea, this tea is compressed into the shape of a brick. The tea showcases the strength of two provinces of China in tea making. The leaves are harvested in Hubei, and undergo initial processing before being transported to Shaanxi for fermentation near a lake which houses special bacteria used for the fermentation process.

When the tea is complete, golden molds form spots on the inside and outside of the tea bricks, imparting a sweet and clear vanilla note to the brew, with hints of milk and walnuts. These molds are popularly known as “golden flowers”. Such a special tea is not new to the Chinese tea world, as such teas have been sold for hundreds of years as part of the tea trade on the Silk Route.

The lengthy fermentation mellows down the tea, such that there is no astringency even after long and repeated brewing. Similar to the pu’er, this tea is good for digestion, and perfect as an after-meal drink.

Though venerable in status, it plays well with yogurt, cream cheese and other young cheeses.

Brewing Instructions

Steep using 100-degree celcius water for 45s

Use 3g of tea for 150ml of water