Green Tea - Lian Fu

Green Tea – Lian Fu

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50g Can

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Fresh and fascinating seaweed aroma as if being by the seaside, where air is filled with a light, fragrant aroma and sweet taste.

Oriental Beauty Tea originally has limited quantities, especially those produced from Hsinchu Beipu region. The willingness to pluck the freshest tips in spring to make this premium Green Tea is Master Yang’s most kind response to those who understand tea. Green tea is only made during spring and the rare 2015 cold winter and frosty snow brings elevated this year’s quality.
Despite having tried several green teas from around the world, we are still surprised at what this premium Green Tea brings, like discovering the freshly sprouted tip of a small lotus, pink and slightly timid, in a large green pond of early summer, wiping out the capricious spring and pre-announcing the arrival of passionate summer. After sipping, mouth is full of clean layered aromas with strong aftertaste, illustrating the soil is without impurities. Instead, because the soil is full of nutrients and elements, the lingering aftertaste has slight seaweed and sea salt aroma.

What is wonderful is at different water temperature, Lian Fu Green Tea gives different taste and aftertaste:
At 60 degrees, rich seaweed and sea salt aroma;
At 70, stronger seaweed aroma;
At 80, richer sea salt aroma

Brewing Instructions
Hot Brew:
1) 5g/400ml at 80 degree boiled water
2) 1min; add 10 sec every new brew

Best Result: use glass or porcelain teapot / Gaibei

Note: The tea can be brewed more than 7 times (if instructions are followed)

Cold brew:
1) 8g/750ml room temperature water
2) room termperature for 3 hours & refrigerated for 5-12 hours

Origin: Taiwan Hsinchu Beipu
Net weight: 50g/can
Included: tea bag, Chinese & English intro card (brewing instructions), paper bag