Grounded Pleasures Chilli Drinking Chocolate (200g)

Grounded Pleasures Chilli Drinking Chocolate (200g)

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Chocolate and chilli has been a traditional pairing since Aztec times and with good reason. The Australian chilli used accentuates the dark chocolate notes while giving a pleasant sensation of warmth towards the back of the mouth and down into the belly. Perfect drinking chocolate for a cold day!  It packs a bit more punch when the drink is freshly made and still piping hot, and the capsaicin in the chilli mellows out after a few minutes of cooling, which is the best time to enjoy this traditional drink. Some say the sensation of warmth is like drinking a teh halia (ginger tea) or tom yum soup as it goes down your throat into the belly!

Our Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate is made using most of the cocoa bean. The high cocoa butter content gives the cocoa a remarkable textural mouth feel when it blends with hot milk. This creates an incredibly sumptuous and invigorating hot chocolate experience.

The quality cocoa beans, together with a minimum of processing, means it has very high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids. These are the great “health giving” properties of fine chocolate. Good cocoa is complex (like good wine and coffee).


Brewing Directions
Put 20g of chocolate in cup, add a little hot water to make a paste, pour hot milk and enjoy!

Grounded Pleasures

Here at Grounded Pleasures, we are fascinated by the depth and diversity of the cocoa world. We are all about the flavour, and believe that fine cocoa is as complex as fine wine and great coffee. The Grounded Pleasures range reflects this passion. We are committed to using quality products which showcase the world’s greatest cocoa growing terroir. We process our beans naturally and minimally with care, in order to reveal their best qualities.

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