Grounded Pleasures Seven Spice Chai Tea (200g)

Grounded Pleasures Seven Spice Chai Tea (200g)

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200g | 1 kg

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Our Seven Spice Sri Lankan Chai is a unique product of seven freshly ground spices, sourced directly from some of the world’s finest spice farms. The spices are freshly ground and then blended with an organic, unrefined jaggery (evaporated sugar cane juice) and a natural Sri Lankan tea extract.The finely ground spices infuse quickly making a flavoursome and time-saving chai. The ground spices are versatile and have been used with great success by chefs to create ice creams, slushes and garnishing on desserts like waffles and churros.


Brewing Directions
Put 15g spice in cup, add a little hot water to dissolve jaggery, pour hot milk and enjoy.

Grounded Pleasures

Here at Grounded Pleasures, we are fascinated by the depth and diversity of the cocoa world. We are all about the flavour, and believe that fine cocoa is as complex as fine wine and great coffee. The Grounded Pleasures range reflects this passion. We are committed to using quality products which showcase the world’s greatest cocoa growing terroir. We process our beans naturally and minimally with care, in order to reveal their best qualities.

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