Ha Giang Crescent Moon (30g)

Ha Giang Crescent Moon (30g)

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Specialty Tea made from the best hand-picked buds of high mountains old wild tea trees (1800m-2200m). With the highest antioxidant and anti-aging content of any tea, other benefits for health include reducing risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder, helping prevent diabetes, reducing inflammation and improvement in oral health.

Taste: exceptional soft, smooth, floral, refreshing, sweet and silky ending.

Brewing Directions

1 – Heat up all the tea ware with hot water. Place 5gr of tea into the tea pot

2- Pour hot water into the pitcher and wait for it cooling down to  85oC , steep in 30-60 senconds depending on how “intense” you like to sip tea

3- Pour tea from tea pot to the pitcher. Pour it into the small cups and enjoy.